'CONTEST' in a movie sentence | examples for 'CONTEST' from movies

Chandler: Pie eating contest?

"Friends", season 9, episode 18

Monica: No, no, no, I don't make chocolate pies. When I was younger I-I enter in this pie-eating contest. I ate so many that just the thought of them made me sick.

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Monica: Chandler, relax it’s not a contest. (To Rachel) Certainly not a close one.

"Friends", season 7, episode 20

Joey: (to a woman who came in third in a modeling contest) Sorry! (He grabs her muffin away and returns it to the serving tray.)

"Friends", season 6, episode 13

[Scene: Baby beauty contest]

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Chandler: Well, maybe it's a contest, y'know? Like, collect all five?

"Friends", season 1, episode 3

Joey: Well, what if they came in third in a modeling contest?

"Friends", season 6, episode 13

Phoebe: Okay, what is this? A stupid contest? Because we got a winner here! (Points at Ross.)

"Friends", season 6, episode 15

Rachel: Well maybe she and her friends are just having a contest to see who can bring home the biggest geek.

"Friends", season 4, episode 6

Ross: (interrupts him again) Okay, it's not a contest.

"Friends", season 7, episode 10

Joey: With this ring? (Her engagement ring.) No contest.

"Friends", season 1, episode 13

Rachel: Did you at least win the contest?

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Phoebe: I know, you must’ve won like a contest or something!

"Friends", season 3, episode 7

Phoebe: That’s so funny to think if you’d just done that right after the last contest, no one would have had to move at all.

"Friends", season 4, episode 19

Ross: All right! All right! Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-a-like contest and won!

"Friends", season 7, episode 4

[Scene: A Brown Bird meeting, Ross is there with the other Brown Birds to see who won the contest.]

"Friends", season 3, episode 10