'RECOVER' in a movie sentence | examples for 'RECOVER' from movies

Monica: Oh, we weren't talking about you. No, no way to recover.

"Friends", season 9, episode 12

RACHEL: Nothing, I mean, um, it is your first time with her and, you know if the first time doesn't go well, well then that's, that's pretty darn hard to recover from.

"Friends", season 2, episode 4

Monica: They've only been going out for a few weeks and Phoebe is completely hung up on Mike! She'll say "No", David's heart will be broken, it will be too hard for them to recover from and then Phoebe will end up alone again.

"Friends", season 9, episode 23

(Phoebe smiles, when Joey takes her face in his hands and kisses her. Joey gets up to leave but stops suddenly. Phoebe silently shouts "Oh, whoa!!" to herself, and leans back in the sofa to recover, a hand to her tingling lips. A thoughtful Joey is also feeling his lips, so he hesitates for a moment, then returns for a better view, he thinks again, cocking his head from side to side to regard her profile from various angles, then...)

"Friends", season 1, episode 17

Rachel: Oh! (She's trying to recover while still on the floor.)

"Friends", season 5, episode 22