'TELL' in a movie sentence | examples for 'TELL' from movies

Monica: Ugh, we're screwed, aren't we? You know what? Just tell me on the way to the bird store.

"Friends", season 10, episode 5

Chandler: Listen er..I need to ask you a favor but you can't tell Monica anything about it.

"Friends", season 9, episode 16

Monica: I promise you, next time I will absolutely tell you.

"Friends", season 5, episode 23

[Scene: Central Perk, Ross is trying to tell Rachel about Emily's ultimatum again.]

"Friends", season 5, episode 5

Chandler: They are needy, they are jumpy, and you can't tell what they are thinking, and that scares me a little bit.

"Friends", season 7, episode 8

ESTL: Well, there's my favorite client. So tell me darling, how was the audition?

"Friends", season 2, episode 10

Rachel: Me either. Umm, all right, first thing I need you to do is go downstairs and find a women named Hilda and tell her to go home.

"Friends", season 7, episode 4

Monica: (as Rachel) Hi, Dad. No, no, it's me. (Getting up to move further away from Rachel) li-listen, Dad, I can't talk right now, um, but there's something, um... there's something that I've been meaning to tell you...

"Friends", season 1, episode 17

Ross: Listen, I got to tell you I’ve-I’ve never been to a guru before, so...

"Friends", season 3, episode 23

Joey: Oh hey come on, don’t-don’t-don’t do this! Umm, look let-let me tell you something, okay? Now when I watch you do a scene, I’m thinking, "Boy, she-she is a great actress!" (She’s not buying it.) Uh but-but, I am also thinking, "She is hot!"

"Friends", season 7, episode 15

Joey: (To Rachel) Did I not just tell him?

"Friends", season 6, episode 15

RACHEL: You want me to just call him up and tell him that you're seeing him instead? That's what you want?

"Friends", season 2, episode 12

Monica: Joey, we have something to tell you.

"Friends", season 6, episode 2

Joey: I gotta tell you. You're the best in the business.

"Friends", season 1, episode 9

Chandler: So did Monica tell you about this great band called the Swing Kings that we’re trying to get to play at the wedding?

"Friends", season 7, episode 17

Chandler: Okay, when are we gonna tell Rachel what is actually gonna happen?

"Friends", season 6, episode 2

Chandler: (shocked at the news) Why can’t I tell them that we live together?

"Friends", season 6, episode 9

Phoebe: You didn’t tell her did you?

"Friends", season 6, episode 3

Joey: Well, okay, I'll - I'll just call her and tell her the date's cancelled, and find him somebody else.

"Friends", season 9, episode 14

Chandler: Y’know, I can’t believe Kathy did this too me. I really, thought that she was the one. I tell you what, from now on I’m never getting out of this chair, ever! Okay? From now on, this chair is the one! You wanna what else is the one? My sweat pants!

"Friends", season 4, episode 14

Paul: Hey! I have so much more to tell ya, I’ve written it all down!

"Friends", season 6, episode 23

Chandler: See Joe, we want you to tell stories but y’know, romantic stories. Nice stories.

"Friends", season 7, episode 16

Rachel: I cannot believe that you didn’t tell me that we are still married!!

"Friends", season 6, episode 5

Chandler: (smiling, surprised) Oh yeah? (looks towards the kitchen, worried) Listen, don't tell Monica, she'll rip your heart right out.

"Friends", season 9, episode 18

Ross: No! Okay, you mean, you're not gonna talk to her, you're not gonna tell her how you feel?

"Friends", season 1, episode 11

Rachel: Well, can’t you tell her that you are not in the mood?

"Friends", season 4, episode 1

Rachel: Sure! That sounds great! Just leave me a message and tell me where to meet you. Okay? (Walks away.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 16

Joey: Yes, but y'know what? It doesn't matter who knows what. Now, enough of us know that we can just tell them that we know! Then all the lying and the secrets would finally be over!

"Friends", season 5, episode 14

Ross: No, you’ve heard my practice. Okay? Just-just give me a chance to perform for you and then decide whatever you want. And I’m not going to tell you what song I’m gonna play either. But uh, let’s just say when it’s over I’ll bet there will be a we bit o’ celebration.

"Friends", season 7, episode 15

Rachel: And he didn't want you guys to know about it but I came over here to tell you!!

"Friends", season 9, episode 20

Rachel: Wait a minute! What are you gonna tell Joanna?

"Friends", season 4, episode 3

Ross: (to Rachel) You see what men do! Don’t tell me men are not nice! (points to Chandler) This is men!!

"Friends", season 3, episode 11

Ross: So uh, what did you tell them about me?

"Friends", season 5, episode 15

Ross: oh boy you got mad at that part. I went over there to tell him how great you are but you know me BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, and I ended up telling him that.

"Friends", season 9, episode 4

Mr. Geller: I'm not gonna tell you what they spent on that wedding... but forty thousand dollars is a lot of money!

"Friends", season 1, episode 2

Rachel: Oh, Joey, it's so great to be back here. I gotta tell you, you're making it so easy on me and Emma.

"Friends", season 9, episode 14

Monica: Hey, have you figured out a way to tell him you’re moving out?

"Friends", season 6, episode 2

Phoebe: Oh my God! You’re right! Go! (Monica starts to leave.) Go tell Chandler! Hurry before it’s too late! Wait no! (Monica stops.) Does this also mean putting out doesn’t get you love? (Monica is shocked.)

"Friends", season 7, episode 18

Monica: You don't tell me what to do! I tell you what to do! Just call her. She's at the Paradise Hotel in Barbados. And while I've got you, you've got curly hair. What do you do in humidity? (Mike hangs up the phone) Damnit!

"Friends", season 9, episode 23

Pete: Listen, can you promise me that you won’t tell her though?

"Friends", season 3, episode 21

Joey: Hey, I tell you what. Let’s you and me go out and have some fun. Huh? Whatever you want. Come on!

"Friends", season 8, episode 5

Paul: I’ll call the university and tell them about your relationship and have you fired.

"Friends", season 6, episode 22

Monica: I’m gonna go tell Joey that (laughs) that you’re back. I was really worried about you. (Exits.)

"Friends", season 6, episode 22

Kim: Tell me everything.

"Friends", season 6, episode 8

Rachel: Well, y'know, possibly. (pause) You didn’t tell him that, though? Right?

"Friends", season 4, episode 10

Phoebe: I have to tell you this story. Okay, I was coming over here and this driver…

"Friends", season 5, episode 2

[Ross gets up to go tell his parents.]

"Friends", season 6, episode 9

Rachel: You're right, you're right. I should just tell her the truth.

"Friends", season 6, episode 7

Phoebe: But why didn’t you just tell her the truth.

"Friends", season 6, episode 8

Kim: No. No! You're doing great! Don’t you give up! That's why we didn't tell you and we're not gonna drag you down with us.

"Friends", season 5, episode 18

Rachel: Honey, why don’t you sit down? Dina has something that she wants to tell you.

"Friends", season 8, episode 10

Tim: Wow! Umm, okay. Umm… (To Phoebe) I-I-I realize I came on a little strong but, it’s only because I think you’re so amazing. (To Monica) And uh, I-I just wanna, I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you giving me an opportunity here because I—you’re the most talented chef I’ve ever worked for. Anyway… (Starts to leave and Phoebe and Monica trade looks.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 5

Chandler: The reason we didn't tell anyone was because we didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

"Friends", season 5, episode 5

Rachel: (entering) Hi. (To Phoebe) Hey, hi! So uh, Frank and Alice wanted me to tell you that they're still outside making phone calls.

"Friends", season 5, episode 3

Phoebe: Yeah, it’s totally meant to be. (To Monica) Tell him who you originally wanted to hook up with that night.

"Friends", season 7, episode 16

Joey: You like someone. Tell me who it is. Who is it? (tickles her a little)

"Friends", season 9, episode 23

Ross: Hey, tell Dan, ‘Thanks.’

"Friends", season 6, episode 12

Rachel: Okay? Wait okay, tell-tell me that you like him, please? I mean tell me that you like him.

"Friends", season 7, episode 7

Mike: No! It's my fault. I keep trying to propose in these stupid ways and all I wanna do is tell you that I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

"Friends", season 10, episode 5

Monica: What did I tell you about the hall?!

"Friends", season 6, episode 11

Katie: Oh, ow! Did Joey tell you to say that? You guys, (Punches Joey) are too much! (Punches Rachel.)

"Friends", season 5, episode 15

Phoebe: I want to, but I just want you to tell me that marriage isn't really that big a deal. You know that I won't, I won't be missing out on anything. That marriage stinks!

"Friends", season 9, episode 16

Charlie: You know, by the way. I heard you tell her not to do anything. Thanks for sticking up for me. You are such a nice person.

"Friends", season 9, episode 22

Monica: Joey, what’s going on. What didn’t you tell us you work here?

"Friends", season 6, episode 12

RICHARD: Yeah, I know. I hate it too. Look, maybe we should just tell them.

"Friends", season 2, episode 16

MNCA: Especially the after taste, you know, I'll tell ya, that'll last ya till Christmas.

"Friends", season 2, episode 8

Monica: Wait, wait, he came up with that himself. Tell them, Chandler.

"Friends", season 6, episode 12

Joey: I don’t know. Just uh, just tell ‘em it was a mix-up with the invitations, or—No-no-no! Blame it on the post office. They hate the post office. And the Irish! But I don’t think you can blame it on them so… (He dials the phone and hands it to Monica.)

"Friends", season 7, episode 20

Jill: Hey! You have no right to tell me what to do.

"Friends", season 6, episode 14

Monica: I gotta tell ya, I think it’s okay to be that guy.

"Friends", season 3, episode 24

Monica: Umm, why don't you give me something that would be a good reason and-and then I'll tell you if it's true.

"Friends", season 5, episode 3

Dina: And you’re my big brother! I mean, you’re my favorite guy in the whole world. I’m not even scared to tell mom and dad. I was scared of telling you.

"Friends", season 8, episode 10

Joey: You gotta tell Ross how you feel.

"Friends", season 2, episode 1

Chandler: (To Ross) But I think we should tell her.

"Friends", season 6, episode 15

Phoebe: Fine! Then you tell Roger because he was really looking forward to this! (Phoebe exits.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 11

Ross: Just you keep it, listen did you, did you tell anyone about us?

"Friends", season 3, episode 16

Rachel: Hey, now wait a minute! I get when you told people at first that you wanted to be an actor they laughed at you! Now come on Bobby, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your band?

"Friends", season 8, episode 10

Monica: I know! I’ll tell you something, we are gonna do that again!

"Friends", season 6, episode 15

Phoebe: Listen, Robert’s gonna be here any second so, will one of you just tell him?

"Friends", season 3, episode 13

Ross: (holds up a hand) Little girl misses her cat. (hold up the other hand) Crazy lady thinks her mother is in a cat. (gets up) Okay, y'know what, I have to go have dinner with my son, can I trust that when you see Phoebe, you will tell her.

"Friends", season 4, episode 2

Gunther: What did I tell you about talking to your friends while you’re working?

"Friends", season 6, episode 17

Mike: I'll tell her that it's over tonight at dinner. I promise.

"Friends", season 10, episode 1

RACHEL: (as herself) "Well, should we just continue to live together and not really tell each other how we're really feeling?"

"Friends", season 9, episode 9

Phoebe: I don’t know, but we’re having dinner tomorrow night, so I figured, she’s gonna tell me then. Y'know maybe she just wanted to give him time to, buy me presents, I don’t know! So, you’re all bored?

"Friends", season 3, episode 25

Mary Ellen: I'll stay if you can tell me my name.

"Friends", season 9, episode 3

Monica: Well, I�ll tell you what we�re gonna do: We are already late for Phoebe�s birthday dinner, so you point out put out that cigarette, we�re gonna put this fight on hold and go have sex.

"Friends", season 9, episode 5

[Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is there, waiting to tell Frank and Alice the news.]

"Friends", season 4, episode 17

Rachel: Okay, you are going to tell her and you’re going to tell her now. (She grabs his nipple and starts to twist it.)

"Friends", season 3, episode 20

Rachel: (stopping him) Hey-whoa-whoa-whoa!! Ho-ho-hold on a sec there, Mr. Kissey! Y'know, I've been meaning to talk to you about this whole, little, new European thing you got going on, and I just need to tell you that it makes me very uncomfortable and I just—y'know—stop it!

"Friends", season 5, episode 2

Chandler: Oh, tell her good luck with that.

"Friends", season 6, episode 19

Joey: Tell me about it, huh? (Realizes that she can see Monica.) Oh no-no-no, I'm not with her, she's just Monica! (He pantomimes that out.) Ewwuck! (He pushes Monica away and makes a disgusted face.)

"Friends", season 5, episode 17

Joey: Okay, look, I think we have to tell Rachel she messed up her dessert.

"Friends", season 6, episode 9

Monica: Are you funny? Tell us a joke!

"Friends", season 6, episode 19

Rachel: Okay... aahhh... Please laugh for mommy... Please? Please laugh for mommy... (Rachel makes a funny face, sticking her tongue out, making a farting noise and using her hands as antlers, wiggling her fingers... No response from Emma...) Not funny huh? Oh so, is it... only offensive novelty rap? Or maybe just, you know, rap in general? 'Cause mommy can rap... (Rachel tries to rap and makes weird movements with her arms in the process.) My name is mommy and I'm here to say / that all the babies are... Oh, I can't rap... Allright sweetheart... This is only because I love you so much, and I know that you're not gonna tell anybody... (Rachel's face is telling "Oh what am I doing? The things I have to go through... and she starts to rap) I like... big butts and I cannot lie... / You other brothers can't deny... / when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face... (Emma starts to laugh) Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! Oohhhhh! Oh! (Rachel now really gets into it, and her insecure movements start getting better) I like big butts and I cannot lie... / You other brothers can't deny... Oh Emma you're laughing! Oh you are, you really do like big butts, don't you. Oh you beautiful little weirdo... (Rachel picks up Emma and Ross now enters)

"Friends", season 9, episode 7

Chandler: Oh yeah, I had no idea the amazing journey you go through as a woman! Tell me, tell me about your first period!

"Friends", season 9, episode 20

Monica: That is a wonder. So tell me something, Mom. If you had to do it all over again, I mean, if she was here right now, would you tell her?

"Friends", season 1, episode 8

The Cooking Teacher: Welcome to introduction to cooking. Now, before we start, can anyone tell me the difference between a hollandaise sauce and a bearnaise sauce? (No one can.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 21

Chandler: Please tell me you got the message!

"Friends", season 6, episode 20

Joey: I just have to call my agent and tell her I can’t do the part. (Gets up for the phone.)

"Friends", season 7, episode 19

Mr. Geller: I always thought that too. Tell me, what does your father do?

"Friends", season 6, episode 9