'PERFECTLY' in a movie sentence | examples for 'PERFECTLY' from movies

Rachel: There was nothing wrong with her! All right? She was perfectly lovely!

"Friends", season 8, episode 21

Chandler: What are you talking about? The couch is perfectly in line with the carpet. And then I can just walk over here and casually just put my feet right up on the...(Tries to rest his feet on the coffee table but they won't reach) OK, OK, here's what we do, we just uh, move the couch closer to the coffee table.

"Friends", season 6, episode 7

Ross: (Gasps and speaks at a higher pitch) This feels perfectly normal. Ok, get on the swing!

"Friends", season 10, episode 7

Monica: Having a perfectly decorated tree is not what Christmas is about. It’s about being with the people that you love.

"Friends", season 6, episode 10

>>> Joey's Subconscious So this is going pretty good. dinner was nice, got a lot in common. (Sees a magazine) Victoria's secret huh we even like the same books. (Walks over to a painting on the wall) Oh now there's a scary painting. wait a minute I think I've been scared by that painting before. (Looks around) You know what this whole place look familiar I have definitely been in this apartment I know I've seen this weird plant before (it's a cactus and he touch's it) AWCH! It did that the last time. Oh my god, I've gone out with this girl before yeah we had sex on this couch and then on that chair and no. no we didn't do it hear which is weird because it seems like a perfectly good place.

"Friends", season 9, episode 4

Emily: How can you do this too me?! I thought I'd made my feelings about Rachel perfectly clear!

"Friends", season 5, episode 6

MONICA: Really? I'm perfectly comfortable. [one of the guest opens the refrigerator] Hey, hey, hey, get in line buddy, I was next. [she opens the refrigerator and leans into it]

"Friends", season 2, episode 9

Emily: Oh, no-no-no, that’s not rude! It’s perfectly in keeping with a trip that I’ve already been run down by one of your wiener carts, and been strip-searched at John F. Kennedy Airport, apparently to you people, I look like someone who’s got a balloon full of cocaine stuffed up their bum.

"Friends", season 4, episode 14

Passenger: Oh-no.(He bites his fist at her.)And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you were on a break. (Rachel gasps and doesn’t know what to say. He puts his headphones back on.)

"Friends", season 4, episode 23

Chandler: Hey Rach! There she is...My perfectly proportioned wife.

"Friends", season 9, episode 16

MONICA: How many perfectly fine women are you gonna reject over the most superficial insignificant things?

"Friends", season 2, episode 3

Monica: And it has to go perfectly, because if she doesn't like something about us she can keep us off every adoption list in the state.

"Friends", season 10, episode 7

Phoebe: Yeah! Why would my mother send me a fur? Doesn't she know me but at all! Plus, I have a perfectly fine coat that no innocent animal suffered to make!

"Friends", season 5, episode 6

Joey: Yes it is perfectly good, and it is not one of the places the duck got sick!

"Friends", season 7, episode 2

Ross: Don’t thank me! If you wanna thank something, thank the volcano that erupted thousands of years ago, killing but perfectly preserving an entire civilization. (Rachel just looks at him.) Here’s Warren’s number.

"Friends", season 6, episode 3

Chandler: You mean this. (Does the maneuver perfectly.)

"Friends", season 5, episode 7

Ross: No, it's know the whole "getting on with your life" thing. Well, do I have to? I mean, I'm sitting here with this cute woman, and, and, and she's perfectly nice, and, but that there's, that's it. And um, and then I'm here talkin' to you, and, and it's easy, and it's fun, and, and I don't, I don't have to...You know, here's a wacky thought. Um, what's say you and I give it another shot? No no no, I know what you're gonna say, you're a lesbian. But what do you say we just put that aside for now you know? Let's just stick a pin in it, ok? Because, we're great together, you know. You can't deny it. Besides, you're carrying my baby. I mean, how perfect is that? But see, you know, you keep sayin' that, but there's somethin' right here. I love you.

"Friends", season 1, episode 14

Ross: No, it’s really not that bad. I mean, I-I for one, feel perfectly safe.

"Friends", season 4, episode 15

Ross: Look, I'm sorry to hear about your tragedy, ok? But the swings are perfectly safe, and besides Emma loves them. You know what, you should come with us and you'll see!

"Friends", season 10, episode 7

Rachel: Joey, there is a perfectly good couch across the hall!

"Friends", season 7, episode 2

Joanna: Wait-wait-wait-wait! You can put your sad little muffin back in it’s drawer. If you must know the truth, I didn’t want to lose a perfectly good assistant.

"Friends", season 4, episode 9

(She gives Monica a big binder that's perfectly in order.)

"Friends", season 10, episode 2

(She turns the tree around so that her side, which is perfectly decorated, is showing)

"Friends", season 6, episode 10