'STUFFING' in a movie sentence | examples for 'STUFFING' from movies

Monica: No! Everything's cold. The turkey's dried out and the... the stuffing is all soggy.

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Joey: Oh! It all looks so beautiful: the turkey, the stuffing...

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

(Rachel, Ross and Phoebe have their hands full and are stuffing all kinds of things down Joeys pants.)

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Monica: (entering) I had to go all the way to the basement because some idiot keeps stuffing the trash chute with pizza boxes!

"Friends", season 6, episode 24

Monica: We left Joey alone with the food! (Walks towards the window and looks out) Yep! Yep, I knew it! There he is... feeding stuffing to a dog!

"Friends", season 7, episode 8

Phoebe: Umm, this stuffing is amazing. Do you think we should bring them some?

"Friends", season 3, episode 9

(Ross starts stuffing pinecones in the suitcase. As the receptionist walks in, Chandler makes a bird's verse and Ross stops)

"Friends", season 9, episode 19

Monica: Ok, let's see... uhm, okay, the turkey is in the oven, the stuffing is ready...

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Chandler: Ok, we all laughed when you did it with the stuffing, but that's not funny anymore.

"Friends", season 1, episode 9

Chandler: I'm serious, let me do something, just not the turkey or the stuffing, nothing "high profile".

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Phoebe: Joey stuffing 15 Oreos in his mouth. (Joey, with an obvious mouth full, nods yes.)

"Friends", season 4, episode 10

[We see a shot of Jack stuffing his face with food. Some dream hunk!]

"Friends", season 6, episode 9