'WORK' in a movie sentence | examples for 'WORK' from movies

MONICA: Joey, you know, maybe your just not used to kissing men, maybe you just tensed up a little, maybe that's what you need to work on.

"Friends", season 2, episode 24

Rachel: You had no right coming down to my office Ross. You do not bring a picnic basket to somebody’s work! Unless maybe they were a park ranger!

"Friends", season 3, episode 15

ROSS: Yeah, yeah, just a tough day at work. A stegosaurus fell over and trapped a kid. Whoa, whoa, I know this jacket, this is, th--Fun Bobby's jacket! Where is he, what. He, he's here, isn't he?

"Friends", season 2, episode 10

Ross: I've no idea, could be. Listen, I'm sorry I had to work tonight.

"Friends", season 4, episode 21

Joanna: Rachel, I need the Versachi invoice. (to Chandler) Hello! You don’t work for me.

"Friends", season 3, episode 20

Joey: Well, it’s complicated. She’s with this other guy. For a long time. Someone from work, too. And I could never do that to the guy, because we’re really good friends.

"Friends", season 8, episode 15

Bob: It’s Bob actually. Hey, you work up here, can you tell me where this Chandler Bing’s office is?

"Friends", season 8, episode 5

(Brenda pulls a chair to the counter and uses it to get up on the counter in order to clean the top of the cabinets. Monica sneaks over, bends over, and tries to see the stain. That doesn’t work so she sticks her head between Brenda’s legs. Suddenly Brenda changes her stance and traps Monica’s head between her legs.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 7

Phoebe: (singing) Platting goats are platting. Platting down the street. Platting goats are platting, leaving little treats. (to Gunther) Does it even work without my sexy voice?

"Friends", season 4, episode 5

Joey: Hey, hey, Chan. She could work for you.

"Friends", season 1, episode 22

Rachel: I’ve never interviewed anyone before. I’ve actually never had anyone work for me before. Although when I was a kid, we did have a maid, but this is-this isn’t the same thing.

"Friends", season 7, episode 4

Ross: All right, we'll work it out.

"Friends", season 10, episode 15

Phoebe: (walking over) Hey. Ursula’s fianc�e is really sweet! He’s a teacher, he does all this volunteer work. Y’know normally y’know, I don’t like really sweaty guys. But this one? I could just mop him up!

"Friends", season 8, episode 6

Chandler: Well, now, I actually have to get to work.

"Friends", season 1, episode 22

Monica: Wait a minute, you stayed home all day and played Ms. Pac-Man while I went off to work like some kind of chump?!

"Friends", season 8, episode 12

Joey: Think it'll work?

"Friends", season 1, episode 14

Ross: Hey, you guys won't believe what I have to do for work today.

"Friends", season 9, episode 20

Rachel: Honey see, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Because I do. I love you, I love you so much. But my work it’s-it’s for me y'know, I’m out there, on my own, and I’m doing it and it’s scary but I love it, because it’s mine. I, but, I mean is that okay?

"Friends", season 3, episode 14

Kathy: Umm, (moves her hand’s down to his butt) I love this touchy. Can I take it to work with me?

"Friends", season 4, episode 11

Joey: Doesn’t seem like it's going to work, I mean…

"Friends", season 5, episode 5

CHANDLER: That's great. All right, I gotta get to work, I got a big dinosaur bone to inspect.

"Friends", season 2, episode 11

Monica: Wow, so you guys are, you're never gonna be in the same room together? How is that even gonna work?

"Friends", season 5, episode 5

Monica: No. You know, sometimes just things doesn't work out.

"Friends", season 1, episode 22

Monica: You’re just new at this, it’ll get better, think about your first day at work. I mean, that couldn’t have been easy but you figured that out.

"Friends", season 9, episode 2

Joey: Hey! Look, if it didn’t work it’s because you didn’t tell it right! Show me how you did it.

"Friends", season 8, episode 4

Rachel: No Ross!! (stands up and moves away from him) Don’t! You can’t just kiss me and think you’re gonna make it all go away, okay? It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t just make it better. Okay?

"Friends", season 3, episode 16

Chandler: Oh uh, as it turns out, we can’t do it. Monica has to work.

"Friends", season 8, episode 11

Rachel: They sent me home from work. They were like, "Start your maternity leave now! Just rest, get ready for the baby." Well y’know what? Screw ‘em! If they don’t want me there, I’ll just hang out with you guys.

"Friends", season 8, episode 22

Rachel: Yeah-yeah, y’know if-if there was just like one little area where I—that I think we need—we would need to work on; I-I would think it was we’re just not crazy enough!

"Friends", season 4, episode 20

Joey: Check the freezer. If there’s none in there, then we’re probably out. Are you just getting in from work? It’s late.

"Friends", season 3, episode 13

ROSS: Well because I have to work on Monday, I have a big presentation.

"Friends", season 2, episode 21

Ross: (to Rachel) But work comes first! (to Mark) Oh hey, but that’s sad about you though, what happened? Burn out? Burn all out, did ya?

"Friends", season 3, episode 14

Gavin: Well, let me explain how birthday parties usually work. There are presents, and a cake, perhaps a fourth or fifth person. Ok, I ... got you the present to make up for being such a jerk to you earlier.

"Friends", season 9, episode 12

Monica:  Umm, I just wanna say, uh (reads from a 3 X 5 card) that with a pinch of exictement, a dash of hard work, a dollup of cooperation, we can have the recipe... (Looks up and sees eveyone glaring at her) Are you gonna kill me?

"Friends", season 4, episode 9

Joey: Uh-oh. I hade a pretty hectic day at work too, today I had to open a door and go (looking scared) ohhhh!

"Friends", season 9, episode 21

Ross: Hmm -you know, actually this'll work out well. Cause when you have to move back in with Joey, Joey's hot new roommate can come and live with me.

"Friends", season 6, episode 7

Frank: You-you work at one of those massage parlors?

"Friends", season 3, episode 5

Monica: Yeah Joey she’s…Rachel’s got this really big work problem, and it is a head scratcher. Wow! (To Chandler) Y’know what, if we’re gonna make dinner we’re gonna have to leave. Yeah. (She and Chandler exit.)

"Friends", season 8, episode 17

CHANDLER: Nice work my friend.

"Friends", season 2, episode 4

Phoebe: But that woman can't know I work here. She's a friend of mine and I made this big stink about how awful this massage chains are.

"Friends", season 9, episode 21

JOEY: And we don't work hard?

"Friends", season 2, episode 5

MONICA: It's work.

"Friends", season 2, episode 5

[Scene: Carol's OB/GYN, they're talking about how this is going to work.]

"Friends", season 1, episode 2

Ross: I've seen her at work, but I always figured, ah-huh? But, uh, I made her dinner. We had a great time. And we're going out again tomorrow.

"Friends", season 4, episode 6

Rachel: OK, sorry to break up this party, but I've got resumes to fax before work tomorrow... (gets up to leave)

"Friends", season 1, episode 18

Phoebe: No! No, the robots just work for them.

"Friends", season 4, episode 10

Monica: Wait a minute, they're making you take time off work?

"Friends", season 5, episode 9

Monica: You still work at the multiplex?

"Friends", season 4, episode 2

Joey: Wow, I’ve admired your work for years. You-you’ve done some really amazing stuff.

"Friends", season 8, episode 1

Ross: Yeah, kinda. It’s this woman from work. I hope that won’t be too weird. Will it, Rach?

"Friends", season 3, episode 22

The Interviewer: So, according to your bio, you’ve done quite a bit of work before Days of Our Lives. Anything you’re particularly proud of?

"Friends", season 8, episode 19

Joey: Yeah. Listen uh, I’d prefer it if you didn’t call me Joey. Since I don’t know anyone here, I thought it’d be cool to try out a cool work nickname.

"Friends", season 4, episode 10

Chandler: No, we're playing this game I learned at work. You have to name all the states in six minutes.

"Friends", season 7, episode 8

Ross: Hey, it’ll grow back, right? And she-she’s really fun, and she’s cool, and-and I’m finally moving on. Y'know? I mean getting over Rachel was so (makes an incoherent nasal sound), y'know? Y'know, and I’m finally feeling sane again. And now if I go up there, and-and I kiss her, and, Gooood I wanna kiss her, and-and-and it doesn’t work out, right? Do I really wanna put myself through that again?

"Friends", season 3, episode 25

Mrs. Waltham: We’re very sad that it didn’t work out between you and Emily, monkey. But, I think you’re absolutely delicious.

"Friends", season 5, episode 1

Director: Okay, here’s where we go to the live shot of Times Square, nice work everyone that’s a wrap!

"Friends", season 6, episode 10

Ross: It’s like that everywhere, Joey! Okay, Mon, back me up here. Where you work the uh, waiters eat with the waiters, right? And the chefs eat with the other chefs, right?

"Friends", season 4, episode 11

Ross: Well, you can't know where I am all the time. Look, this marriage is never gonna work if you don't trust me.

"Friends", season 5, episode 6

(Pause as Frankie resumes his work.)

"Friends", season 2, episode 1

Monica: Y'know what really bothers me? Is—it's how-how different you act around them! I mean y'know the throwing the tennis games, the fake laugh, the "I'll see you around, Bing!" "Not if I see you first, Doug!" (Mocks the fake laugh.) I gotta tell you, I don't like Work Chandler. Okay? The guy's a suck-up.

"Friends", season 5, episode 12

PHOEBE: (singing angrily) Terry's a jerk, and he won't let me work, and I hate Central Perk!

"Friends", season 2, episode 6

Monica: (getting up) All right, I’m gonna go to work. Does anybody have a problem with that?

"Friends", season 4, episode 10

CHANDLER: Work on your music?

"Friends", season 2, episode 14

Ross: Yes! Yes! I mean it's-it's kinda far from work, but uh, y'know, I'll get so much done on the commute. I-I've been given the gift of time!

"Friends", season 5, episode 6

Monica: Oh my God, it's gonna WORK! We're gonna make it work! I'm gonna be a mummy and (to Chandler) you're gonna be a daddy! All right, I'll see you suckers. I'm gonna get me... A BABY! {she leaves)

"Friends", season 10, episode 9

Larry: Oh, will you mind if I wash up? Because I came straight from work and who knows where these babies (Holds up his hands) have been.

"Friends", season 5, episode 7

Chandler: Y'know, if you're gonna work late, I could look in on him for you.

"Friends", season 1, episode 10

Ross: (forages around) Okay, I have nothing in an evening shoe in the burgundy. I can show you something in a silver that may work.

"Friends", season 1, episode 8

SCOTT: Where do you work?

"Friends", season 2, episode 23

Ross: Eh..actually no, I don't need to because your little "Ross is dead" joke didn't work, ok, there were no responses. Nobody posted anything on the website, nobody called my parents, so the joke my friend is on you. Nobody called, nobody wrote anything, nobody cares that I'm dead. (silence) Oh my God! Nobody cares that I'm dead!?

"Friends", season 9, episode 17

Ross: (To Chandler) And shame on you! You should know better, Joey needs to work. (To Joey) Now come on!

"Friends", season 5, episode 10

MR. GREENE: You work and you work and you work on a boat...

"Friends", season 2, episode 22

[Scene: Phoebe’s Work, Ross is now trying to stop Jasmine from telling Phoebe.]

"Friends", season 3, episode 16

Joey: Sure it is! She needs a pen for work, she's writing, she turns it over.... "Whoa! It's time for my date with Joey!"

"Friends", season 4, episode 6

Monica: Joey, that is not gonna work.

"Friends", season 10, episode 8

Mr Campbell: Dating profile? I-I-I'm talking about the work resumé.

"Friends", season 10, episode 14

[Scene: Central Perk, the whole gang is there, Ross is telling a story about what happened at work and the rest of the gang are thinking to themselves, denoted by italics.]

"Friends", season 3, episode 7

Monica: Hey that reminds me, I thought we could use some extra luck so I brought a wishbone home from work.

"Friends", season 9, episode 18

Rachel: Well, sure, but they might think it’s kinda weird considering I don’t work there anymore.

"Friends", season 6, episode 8

Chandler: I don’t know what you mean, giant talking cigarette! Oh, by the way, Phoebe called just as I was getting into Nancy’s car, so if she asks you, I was at work all day.

"Friends", season 10, episode 10

Ross: It's awful I know, I mean, I feel terrible but I have to do this if I want my marriage to work. And I do, I have to make this marriage work. I have too. But the good thing is we can still see each other until she gets here.

"Friends", season 5, episode 5

MONICA: That would be the work of a Blowfish.

"Friends", season 2, episode 5

Ross: Oh-oh-okay, but-but I know, that even though I've been a-a complete idiot up 'til now, I mean, I mean you-you-you have to come here. You have to come here so we can work this out.

"Friends", season 5, episode 4

Frank: Yeah! Hey, do Monica and Rachel work there?

"Friends", season 3, episode 5

Ross: And-and to years of hard work finally paying off.

"Friends", season 10, episode 14

Rachel: Oh, well, that shouldn’t be so hard, now that you’re dating. (Imitating men at their worst) "Sweetheart, you’re fired, but how ’bout a quickie before I go to work?"

"Friends", season 1, episode 16

ROSS: Well I'm sorry, I think about stuff. Ya know, I mean, you're at work, you're assembling bones, your mind wanders.

"Friends", season 2, episode 20

Chandler: Hm-hmm, I told you! (Looks at the clock) I can’t believe that I’ve only got two hours before I call in sick for work.

"Friends", season 7, episode 12

Phoebe: Oh please, somebody tell me I don’t have to go to work today!

"Friends", season 4, episode 4

ROSS: Oh, you know, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna hang out, work on my music.

"Friends", season 2, episode 14

Rachel: Come on, it’s a hypnosis tape. This woman at work used it for two weeks straight and she hasn’t smoked since.

"Friends", season 3, episode 18

[Cut to Elizabeth Hornswoggle's bathroom, Ross frantically pulls his shirt out and drops his pants. He exhales in sheer ecstasy as the coolness of the bathroom envelops his legs. He sits on the cast iron bathtub, again gasping in pleasure. He next grabs a magazine and starts to blow air on his exposed legs, but that doesn't work the way he wants it to. So he throws the magazine down, looks around for another idea, and finds one. He jumps up and hops to the sink. He turns on the water and starts to splash some on his legs, cooling them further.]

"Friends", season 5, episode 11

Chandler: Oh, so that’s this is gonna work now? You’re just gonna order me around all the time?

"Friends", season 6, episode 2

Monica: Used to work with her. Used to! I’m a relative and I didn’t get invited! A blood relative! Blood!!

"Friends", season 7, episode 11

Ross: That's funny...Do you think you'll ever work again?

"Friends", season 9, episode 13

EDDIE: Oh, right, all right, you know what pallie I understand, consider me gone, you know what, I'll be out by the time you get home from work tomorrow.

"Friends", season 2, episode 19

Rachel: Why aren't you at work?

"Friends", season 3, episode 1

Joey: Although some of that stuff wasn't where you said it was gonna be, but... (confidently) I made it work.

"Friends", season 9, episode 21

Monica: Nice work everybody! So much for the y’know, "You can drive it, but don’t tell Rachel" plan!

"Friends", season 7, episode 22

Emily: Don’t do this to me, again. You’d know I’d stay here in a minute, but I’d really miss so much work, they’ll fire me.

"Friends", season 4, episode 19